China's output of new energy vehicles shot up to 50,700 units in October, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) based on registered vehicle certifications. Of the total, 21,700 were passenger BEVs and 7,028 passenger PHEVs.

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Miao Wei: MIIT highly concerned about VW emission cheating 2015-11-25

  BEJIING – Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technologies (MIIT), said earlier this month that the country's watchdog on the auto industry is keeping a "close watch" on reports that Volkswagen allegedly also cheats on emissions of gasoline cars.

Miao Wei: MIIT highly concerned about VW emission cheating 2015-11-25
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BEIJING – China delivered 43,650 new energy passenger vehicles (domestic + import) to end-users in January-July 2015, soaring 409.

TIANJIN – Two Chinese brand models scored higher than several foreign brand models including BMW in the latest C-NCAP evaluation, according to results announced by China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) on September 11.

SHANGHAI – The strong desire of the new-vehicle intenders for aftersales information opens doors for OEM websites and the newly added “

“Market leaders in the traditional sense may collapse like a big building in an earthquake if they refuse to adapt to changing market forces in the age of the internet, vehicle electrification and smart vehicles,”

BEIJING – Hawtai Motor and Kamaz Motor Group signed a $630 million joint venture project agreement on September 3 in Beijing to cooperate in technology, production and market resources.

Commercial vehicle manufacturers have released their first half 2015 financial reports, showing a complete different scenario for the truck and bus markets.

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